Our goal is to create the kind of website and marketing channels that most businesses want.

Easy to find, stylish and appealing, fast track to customers, mobile responsive, and easily accessible to customers


Since 2017, Darlington Media Agency has created measurable multi-channel digital marketing solutions that grow your brand, engage your customers, and move you forward. Our heritage in cutting-edge digital marketing combined with our strategic understanding of how to grow your brand, allows us to transform organizations for the digital economy, and to create digital, social media, and paid media marketing campaigns that make a difference.


Darlington Media Agency understands that customers want experiences and that clients want results. Today’s marketing happens in real-time with the customer wanting content with context on their terms. Darlington Media Agency created total engagement digital marketing solutions that deliver this experience seamlessly across channels, in the right places at the right times. We connect emotionally with people and move them to action, which in turn moves your business forward.

What We Believe

Darlington Media Agency believes that your business should drive marketing not the other way around. We partner and collaborate with our clients to understand their business goals so we can develop fully engaged, multi-channel marketing programs that drive those goals forward. We are your very own go-to DMO, a team of experts in your corner ready to plan, execute and optimize


We believe our Energy, Talent, Creativity, and Digital Expertise can help others solve the biggest problems facing businesses now and in the future.

While we remain in business, we work hard to help businesses grow using digital technology, incubate Startups and contribute to the growth of humanity with tech solutions

 We believe that we need to transform our immediate ecosystem into a better place before leaving.

We have supported many Startups to get into a business like that of Obimi Fashion Shoes, Bizcon, Bright Future Event, and so on. We have also trained thousands of youths on IT skills.

Businesses are not left out as we have helped businesses see light in business. A dream for every successful business today is to be number one. We Channel our energy to be the best and number one Digital Agency in Africa

Unique, Creative And Truly Limitless!

Why You Should Choose Us

  • We understand your business and your goals to achieve in your business.
  • Our experts’ skills are a guarantee for your business to stand out against your competition
  • Our Digital Skills are very active to grow your business within 48 hours in the digital advertising space.         
  • We are responsive and flexible to attend to your business at any time.

Let’s Do This

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